The heat pumps of our alpha innotec and NOVELAN product brands harness the power of nature for the comfort of our customers: with air-to-water and brine-to-water heat pumps, and accessories and systems, we offer the right model for every requirement – including competent and innovative services. Our heat pumps provide extremely efficient heating and domestic hot water. Many of our heat pumps offer an optional cooling function.

WHAT IS A heat pump?

A heat pump is a modern, climate-friendly and efficient heating system that is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Basically, a heat pump is nothing more than a refrigerator, only that it operates in reverse and has additional functions. Heat pumps use thermal energy stored in the environment to heat buildings efficiently and cost-effectively and to supply hot water.

Unlike conventional heating systems, combustion does not take place in a heat pump. Instead, a refrigerant is brought to a higher temperature by using about 75% environmental energy and about 25% electrical energy. Even at sub-zero temperatures, there is still enough thermal energy in the environment for this cycle to work. Many heat pumps can also provide cost-effective, climate-friendly cooling in the summer.



Heat pumps have a so-called refrigeration circuit, i.e. an evaporator which contains a liquid refrigerant. This refrigerant is heated by the environmental heat and reaches a gaseous state, even at very low temperatures. It begins to evaporate, and in the following step, enters a compressor. This compresses the gaseous refrigerant, which causes its temperature to rise. Heat pumps require electricity for this process. How much electricity? That depends on how great the temperature difference is between the heat source and the refrigerant. The smaller the difference, the less electrical energy is required.

The heat generated during this process is then transferred to the heating circuit via a heat exchanger. This causes the temperature of the refrigerant to drop. The refrigerant slowly liquefies, but remains under high pressure. The refrigerant is passed through an expansion valve in order to stabilize it. Then the process starts again – and the heat pump cycle keeps running.


ait's product portfolio includes air-to-water and brine-to-water heat pumps for heating and cooling buildings and for domestic hot water preparation. Air-to-water heat pumps differ according to whether they are installed outdoors or indoors.

Air-to-water heat pump for outdoor installation

Air-to-water heat pump for indoor installation

Ground source heat pump for indoor installation


Air-to-water heat pumps use thermal energy from the outside air. They can be placed either inside or outside the building – on the wall, on the ground or on roof surfaces. Even at sub-zero temperatures, these heat pumps still work very efficiently. They are the ideal solution for existing buildings, because no major reconstruction work is required to access the heat source.

Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps use thermal energy from the ground. These pumps are installed inside the building. Geothermal heat pumps are operated with ground probes, ground collectors, with so-called ground baskets or with ring trench collectors. The pipes to the heat pump contain the brine liquid, a mixture of water and glycol. This provides the necessary thermal energy to the heat pump. The constant temperatures of approx. 8 to 12° C in the ground make the operation of these heat pumps particularly efficient and cost-effective.


  • Independence from fossil energy sources and fuels

  • High efficiency, and therefore, lower heating costs

  • CO2-free operation through the use of green electricity or photovoltaics

  • Increases the value of the property

  • High state subsidies are possible

  • Low-maintenance operation


As an innovator in technology and the leading manufacturer of heat pumps under our alpha innotec and NOVELAN brands, we place a special emphasis on sustainability and quality. We develop and manufacture products with "Made in Germany" quality at our production site in Kasendorf. We constantly monitor and improve our processes and heat pumps to provide our customers with the best quality. We do this through the continuous and systematic use of problem-solving methods. Most of our products are made of environmentally friendly materials that can be almost completely recycled.


Our expertise, quality, energy efficiency and innovation have made the heat pumps of our alpha innotec and NOVELAN product brands the popular choice in heat generators in the fields of new construction, renovation and modernization. Our wide product range offers solutions for every requirement and for applications of every size - including competent and innovative services. Our heat pumps provide extremely efficient heating, prepare hot water on demand, and offer optional cooling.