29. November 2022


At least half a million heat pumps are to be installed per year in Germany from 2024. To achieve this goal, the stakeholders at the 2nd Heat Pump Summit in Berlin now want to draw up a roadmap with comprehensive measures. ait-Wärmepumpen expressly welcomes the plans and is already implementing much of them.

The heat turnaround is picking up speed: By the end of January 2023, the roadmap is to be in place to massively accelerate the triumph of the heat pump. Among other things, Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck wants to push the development of a European supplier industry.

The measures also include those aimed at optimizing product development, installation and maintenance. For years, ait-Wärmepumpen has been making its contribution to this, for example through continuous optimization work in its own Technology Center - and through models that are particularly quick and easy to install and maintain. It is no coincidence that the company is considered a technology leader in its sector and was recently awarded the Top 100 Innovation Award.

Promoting skilled workers

The Heat Pump Summit has set its sights on the qualification of trade partners, planners and consultants. Here, ait heat pumps has been active for many years, offering extensive training in its in-house academy at the Kasendorf site and doing recognized excellent qualification work for its trainees.

Solutions for the housing industry

Cooperation between heat pump manufacturers and the housing industry is also to be stepped up. In the coming years, solutions for the renovation of existing multi-family houses will become increasingly important.

ait heat pumps not only offers the right heat pumps for this, but also specialists who support local authorities, planners and property developers in the development of climate-friendly heating concepts - for larger construction projects and entire city districts.

In addition, ait heat pumps is regarded as a top employer with attractive and future-proof jobs as well as training opportunities and technical service at the highest level. The "ait Technical Services" comprise the Customer Support Center, the Academy with its training and advanced training programs, and the ait regional locations. In this way, the manufacturer provides even more efficient technical support for craftsmen and specialist dealers, as well as a practical training program tailored to customer needs. These are all contributions to moving the industry and thus the heat turnaround forward.

About ait-deutschland GmbH:

Die ait-deutschland GmbH ist Teil des NIBE-Konzerns, einem führenden europäischen Anbieter von nachhaltigen Energielösungen. Seit der Gründung des Unternehmens im Jahre 1998 hat ait-deutschland eine konsequente Produktentwicklung mit klarer Ausrichtung auf die Markterfordernisse betrieben. ait ist einer der europäischen Marktführer auf dem Gebiet der Wärmepumpentechnik mit mehr als 1.200 Mitarbeitern und Tochtergesellschaften in Österreich, der Schweiz, Tschechien, der Slowakei, den Niederlanden/Belgien, den USA und Schweden. Des Weiteren befindet sich die Kasendorfer Firma auf Expansionskurs mit Neubau am Standort Thurnau. Mit dem Bau der Produktionsstätte entstehen rund 400 neue Arbeitsplätze in der Region.

Die High-End-Technologieprodukte – insbesondere Wärmepumpen und Kühlsysteme - werden unter den Marken alpha innotec, NOVELAN und KKT chillers auf den Markt gebracht und lizenziert. Gegenwärtig werden die Produkte in mehr als 25 europäischen Ländern verkauft, KKT chillers vertreibt seine Produkte weltweit.

Management Team der ait-deutschland GmbH: Marco Roßmerkel, Sjacco van de Sande und Edgar Timm.


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