23. December 2021


To support intergenerational, social and sustainable projects in the region, ait-deutschland GmbH donated a total of EUR 9,500.00.

n the company philosophy of ait-deutschland GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of heat pumps and cooling units, sustainability and environmental awareness are central points. Precisely for this reason, the Kasendorf-based company is foregoing Christmas gifts this year and supporting, among other things, the planting of bee- and insect-friendly trees.

Orchard meadows as habitat and natural paradise

Together with the local community of Kasendorf, meadow orchards are being created on selected areas that will be freely available in the future. The ripe fruit of the trees may be harvested freely by marking them with yellow ribbons. For this the ait-deutschland donates 2.000,00 EUR. The exact number of trees that can be planted through our donation depends on the composition of the different fruit varieties. The final location and the actual number of fruit trees are yet to be announced.

Mixed orchards are a form of fruit farming that is designed for multiple uses. They provide healthy and regional fruit and are a valuable part of the species-rich cultural landscape. More than 5,000 animal and plant species live in a meadow orchard. Despite their many properties for the preservation of biodiversity, the populations of the meadow orchard are now severely threatened. An important occasion to counteract this trend was also felt by ait-deutschland.

Promoting children's freedom of movement

Another part of the total amount went to the daycare center "Arche Noah" from Kasendorf. On December 16, 2021, ait-deutschland presented a donation in the amount of EUR 5,000.00. The donation check was handed over personally by Sjacco van de Sande (management ait-deutschland GmbH) to the head of the day care center Susanne Noë, in the presence of some kindergarten children.

The donated amount enables the day care center to replace the outdated playhouse, which is currently not allowed to be entered, with a new outdoor playhouse made of sustainable material. The donation will also cover the cost of construction and foundation. Playing together outside in nature promotes the sense of balance and agility as well as social behavior and is therefore important for the development of the children.

Supporting voluntary commitment

ait-deutschland GmbH again decided to make a donation in the social sector and thus the Hospizverein Kulmbach e.V. received a sum of 2,500.00 EUR. The hospice attendants provide special interpersonal help. All employees of the hospice association undergo training to ensure responsible and loving care for seriously ill and dying people, as well as their relatives and loved ones.

The pandemic complicates the important, voluntary activities of the hospice association. Therefore, the ait-deutschland is pleased to be able to support with its donation. The association intends to use the money in particular for training and further education to become a hospice companion. The more than 50 volunteers stand by affected families in difficult hours.

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